The Lost World - Hollow Victory

The Lost World

The Lost World - Hollow Victory (Season 3, Episode 8)

(8 Dec. 2001)

Cast for Hollow Victory (Episode Credited cast)¹

Peter McCauley (Professor George Challenger)      

Rachel Blakely (Marguerite Krux)

Rachel Blakely by you.


Jennifer O'Dell (Veronica)

Jennifer O'Dell by you.

David Orth (Ned Malone)      
William Snow - Lord John Roxton (as Will Snow)
Jason Chong (Arjax)

Laura Whitnal (Alcee)

Laura Whitnall by you.

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Crew for Hollow Victory¹

  • Directed by: Michael Offer
  • Written by: Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens


Company Credits¹

Production Companies¹

  • Telescene Film Group Productions


  • Image Entertainment (2004) (USA) (DVD)

Other Companies¹

  • Digital Sound & Vision (post-production sound services)


Episode Summary

Challenger develops a new way to create lift in the balloon. All go along for a test flight, but the balloon is drawn into violent turbulence then crash-lands inside the vast caldera of an extinct volcano where our heroes find themselves trapped in a world beneath the earth's surface. With the balloon damaged and the supply of iron lost, our heroes can only survive for a matter of days in this hot and hostile environment.²



Copyright  © Telescene Film Group Productions



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